Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh No They Didn't!

Gooood morning! Let me just say that working part time from home is awesome. I've been able to get so much done with my time, including hanging out with some of my favorite people while also enjoying some of my favorite activities like cooking and working out. Yesterday was so good for my heart!

It started out with breakfast with Megan, we made Fitnessista's perfect protein pancakes, which were incredibly delicious and filling. I used almond flour and added walnuts into my batter and that was such a great decision, I'm sad I didn't get a picture of our finished products! Oh and did I mention they were Paleo approved, double win! Sadly, Megan left pretty early, so I lounged around for a while, I mean.. it's the last days of summer so why not?! :)

I've been wheeling and dealing on eBay recently, and half of what I have posted has sold within a week of posting which is so great. While checking the status of one of my sold items I noticed that the money had not been transferred into my account, which I found rather odd, so I investigated and looked at my bank account. To my surprise, the eBay $$ was no where to be found, but I read in fine print on eBay's website that it's not added to your account until the delivery confirmation has been received (phew). This series of events was no coincident, because while casually scanning my account I noticed a withdrawal of over $65 that I had not made. Yes, I bet you're just as confused as I was! After investigating it further I found out that it was a fraudulent purchase, so I had to cancel that account and spend some lovely time at the bank getting a new debit card. Lesson learned, always keep up with your bank account!

I spent the rest of the day running a few errands, crossfitting it up, making dinner with Alex and Emily, and having a super random and entertaining talk at small group (another post to follow). I got to finish up the last few floor routines of women's gymnastics at Bray's apartment, woohoo go Team USA winning that gold!

How's that for a fantastic day? I think it was pretty wonderful!

I've realized that my blog has recently been a food montage, but hey, I'm so thankful that I've been able to try out so many great recipes! During the school year it's a little more difficult with less time and busier schedules. I thought I'd include a few food staples that I always keep around, especially the past few weeks, I'm quite the creature of habit!

My current morning routine involves an egg and TJ's turkey bacon omelet topped with syrup, half a grapefruit, and this morning I added in some almond milk. Of course coffee is always included as an "after-breakfast treat." Some mornings I'll go for some sweet potato pancakes or Fitnessista's protein pancakes, all of the above are so filling and so delicious!

I. love. pistachios. It's probably an unhealthy obsession, but seriously, these things always sound good! Braden's dad has caught on and now every time I go to their house he has a brand new bag of pistachios waiting, the man knows the way to my heart! Plus, pistachios are full of healthy fats which keep you fuller and satisfied longer.

I'm always on a grapefruit kick, they're always the perfect tart and sweet snack. If I don't have one for breakfast I almost always have one at some point in the day. They have so many health benefits, plus they are so refreshing during these excruciatingly hot summer days!

Introducing the veggie burger lettuce wrap.. YUM! I recently went to Boone, NC with Bray's family and we went to a burger place called the Come Back Shack, and this is where I discovered the veggie burger lettuce wrap. Typically I'm closed minded when it comes to burger joints, it's usually pretty hard to find a healthy option that's not super greasy and hard on my stomach. To my surprise, this place was incredible! Everything they offer is fresh, never frozen, and they make fresh sweet potato fries that are so good. Once I got home I was dying to try my own version with TJ's veggie burgers, and it's definitely a winner in my book!

Almond butter with a fresh apple is always on my daily list of snacks. You can't beat that salty and sweet combo!

Dinner always includes protein, veggies, and occasionally a starch (sweet potato). This particular meal was created by Bray and Elliott. I added a little hot sauce to the steak and shrimp combo and it was incredibly good!

That's a pretty good summation of what I eat on a daily basis, but I usually throw in a protein shake here and there. After writing about counting calories, I can honestly say that I haven't counted them once - can I get a woohoo?! I'm super proud of myself, and I'm so thankful that the Lord has taken that burden away. He is so good, all the time!

I'm off to run some errands and then to Crossfit. I'm under the impression that a few of us are going to see the Dark Knight Rises tonight, I'm pretty pumped about that! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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