Thursday, August 9, 2012

Be Still & You May Learn Something

What a week! It's already Thursday and I'm on the Tuesday track.. don't you love when that happens? After being home for a few days, and traveling, I'm taking a chill day and I'm not ashamed to say it :)

One of my favorite parts of this summer has been the amount of time I've had to relax. Although I was busy when I was working full time, working out daily, taking a summer class, and being involved in two small groups.. I still had so much time to be still. That is seriously one of the most important lessons I've learned, whenever I get caught up in all that is going on around me is when I feel most distant from God. I have learned so much this summer, and that wouldn't be possible if I had not taken the time to be still.

Like I've mentioned before, I've been reading through 1 John and it has been so great. This morning I ventured into 1 John 3. One of my favorite verses from reading chapter 3 is verse 2, He has not yet shown us what we will be like when Christ appears - but we DO know that we will be like Him.

Exactly what I needed to hear.

I have been so anxious about what the future holds, and what's to come in the next  year. While reading that verse it dawned on me, God has never really given me a clear picture of what His plan is for me, but I can be reassured that whatever steps he has me take will make me more like Him. That's so comforting, especially when I get stuck in "should I do this, should I do that, do I need to do anything?!" I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets caught up in that rut, especially since we're all human and we're all about some instant gratification and clarification.

Although it sounds so simple, just trusting His plan isn't always cookie cutter. One thing I've learned this summer is that he always leads us in the direction we need to go, even if at the time it seems crazy. Sometimes I find myself trying to follow my own plan, and it never fails, I always end up in some sticky situation that seems to have a dead end no matter which route I take.

So, what's the obvious answer here?

TRUST HIS PLANS. Plain and simple.

My prayer for the next year is that I don't get caught up in what the world has to offer, and what I want to happen. God has this, and he knows the desires of my heart. He will ultimately fulfill his plan in my life, and I pray to have an open heart and an open mind to all that he throws my way.

Take some time today to reflect on what God is doing in your life, I promise you'll be blown away!

A little sidenote: I'd love to hear from those of you who are the avid or occasional readers, I'd love to make this blog more conversational!


  1. Jesse I am so proud of the woman you have become! Beautiful post and so true for all of us.

  2. i read your blog everytime you post! and i love it! love to see how much you're growing in your walk with Our God!