Friday, October 21, 2011

Nature's voice "goes out into all the earth"

I think I make it apparent that I'm a sucker for beautiful sunsets, that's probably what I take most pictures of on a daily basis. I think it's amazing how we're provided with such a beautiful masterpiece in the sky EVERY single day. I've recently read that nature's voice goes out into all the earth, proclaiming the articulate truth that God is in his heaven and watching over his creation. There's no way that can be denied if you just look at up at the sky each day!  The next time you witness a beautiful sunset, an intense thunderstorm, or anything else of that sort, remember that it's creation is to show that Someone is greater than Mother Nature. These creation's reveal just how majestic our God is - and to worship him whose creativity and power are produced in these acts of nature. One thing I've realized is that I don't really incorporate worship or prayer into the time when I'm appreciating and photographing the natural world.
The natural world is a testimony to God's magnificent creatorship and also should be the object of our diligent stewardship.  However, we must flee from two extremes - either fearing nature's power or worshiping creation and NOT the Creator.
So my challenge to you is to always remember to listen closely to the truths of God's goodness that you may experience through nature, and all things in the natural world for that matter.  Which aspects of nature do you love witnessing, and literally make you stop and stare?  Next time you're watching a beautiful sunset try and make a point to pray or worship in that time!

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