Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Peachy Peach Pie

As mentioned in my previous post, little Alex and I ventured out on a limb and attempted to make a legit peach pie. Peach anything during the summer is fine by me, it's one of my favorite summer fruits (along with watermelon). We got the recipe from this blog and even watched the "how-to" video. We dove right in and just went for it!

We started by collecting all of our ingredients. The recipe calls for vegan butter, soy milk, and arrowroot powder - but we used normal butter, skim milk, and cornstarch.

As always, Alex and I ran into a little bit of a struggle. The recipe calls for 1 1/4 cup of butter.. well we work in sticks of butter so naturally this was confusing. We had a hard time believing that 2 1/2 sticks equaled the amount we needed, but we eventually got this straightened out after reading.. and re-reading the directions. :)

Alex worked on the crust while I worked on the peach filling. The crust required a hand-stir / beat with a mixer sequence which turned out to be quite the arm work out (we had just done an intense crossfit workout with tabata push ups), but Alex was a tough little nugget and dominated that dough!

My peach filling didn't look super appetizing once I added the butter, so I just left that photo out :) the filling consists of peaches (obviously), sugar, vanilla, cornstarch, and a little milk.

Alex then pressed half of the dough into the pie pan and we let it bake at 350° for 10 minutes. Once it came out of the oven we poured the peach filling.

Then came my favorite part, weaving the crust! First, I had to press out the other half of the dough. Then, I cut the evenly pressed dough into strips. I thought weaving was pretty simple - lay one strip vertically, then one strip horizontally - but mine still didn't turn out perfectly weaved. However, it still looks great for a first try, right?!

After weaving the crust, the pie had to bake for another 55 minutes. Since it is being taken to the family reunion on Saturday we couldn't necessarily try it, but my oh my it smelled delicious! I stuck the tip of a fork into one of the weaved openings to taste the peach filling and it was DELICIOUS!

Mmm I personally think this pie turned out beautifully. Craftsmanship of baking is my favorite part, even if it has little affect on how it actually tastes. I seriously cannot wait to try this on Saturday. I'll definitely be saving my co-baker Alex a slice too, after all, that's what friends are for right?!

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