Monday, November 12, 2012

That Day I Photographed My First Wedding

Hello friends! I hope you all kicked off your Monday on a great note. I've had an incredibly productive day despite the rainy weather we're having, I would have much rather stayed in  my bed all day. One thing on my to do list:  edit pictures from the wedding Annabeth and I photographed a few weeks ago.

We might as well start from the beginning, shall we? I had the wonderful privilege of training with Jason at the Bodyshop, and then working with him two summers ago. We became great friends and he helped my photography take off. Prior to all of the wedding festivities, I photographed Jason's clothing line and his Bodyshop training sessions. He encouraged me to pursue my passion, and I am forever grateful. When he called and asked for me to photograph his entire wedding process, I definitely accepted the offer with no hesitation!

I loved shooting Jason and Kristin's engagement photos. They were up for anything that I asked, which made my job so much easier. We were able to get creative with the shoot, which always makes it so much more fun!

 Kristin has also become a dear friend throughout this entire process. The weather was pretty bleek the day of the shoot, so we had to improvise. After brainstorming for a while, we had the opportunity to shoot the photos at a beautiful home in my hometown. The house was PERFECT and elegant, a perfect match up for Kristin's bridal shoot. I could not have been happier with how the photos turned out, she was quite the model!

For the actual wedding, I needed a little sidekick. My sweet friend Annabeth has also been wanting to get her photography to take off, so what better way than to shoot a wedding?! Prior to the wedding day we discussed what we should expect and what shots we wanted to get. Even with that little preparation, we still didn't know what the day would entail. It was definitely an adventure, and the morning of the wedding we were ready to go!

The ceremony was beautiful. Annabeth and I took photos from different aspects of the room in order to get variety. I loved glancing across the room and seeing one of my best friends giving me a thumbs up! After the ceremony we took the family portraits and then headed to the reception. Right when we walked in I couldn't help but notice the beautiful collage of bridal portraits! I was so honored to have played a part in providing her photos, they turned out beautifully and I loved seeing them displayed.

Another neat aspect to the reception was the guest book. Jason and Kristin made a photo book with all of their engagement photos. I loved seeing their moments turned into memories, and I loved watching their guests flip through the pages. It is definitely special when you see your work come to life, and even more special that I had the privilege to be a part of their wonderful day!

Annabeth and I were EXHAUSTED by the end of the night. We didn't anticipate how much work goes into a wedding or how long of a day it would be. It's definitely an experience, and we loved every second of it. I am so thankful that Jason and Kristin asked us to shoot their wedding, and I am also thankful that I had my wonderful friend there by my side the whole day. Most of all, though, I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with this opportunity!

I can't wait to see where photography takes me in the future. I have realized that I love the wedding industry. I would love to specialize in engagements and bridal photographs, so if you have a special day coming up.. call me :)

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