Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wedding Festivities and Crossfit Community

I've been blaming my lack of blogging on the fact that I have very little time.. well, I'm graduating in 13 short days, and then I'm not sure what my excuse will be! It's hard to believe that graduation is just around the corner. No more classes, no more tests, no more being a Clemson student. I'll be an alumni, I hardly feel old enough to be in college period. I'm constantly blown away at how fast time really does fly. It's so cliche, but when you sit down and think about it, where on earth have the past few years gone?!

I won't get sentimental about Clemson (yet), I'll save that mushiness for another week or two :)

Let's back track, shall we? Wedding planning takes a lot of time and energy. Some aspects are stressful and some are so fun that you want to do them again and again. Finding a venue for the ceremony and reception have been our most stressful aspects so far, mainly because the fall months are so booked with other weddings and events in the upstate. Once that got crossed off the list (woohoo!), we have been able to enjoy the smaller details of the wedding.

Cake tasting.

I must admit, cake tasting has been my favorite wedding "chore." Our wonderful wedding planner recommended Kathy and Company, located in Easley, SC. On the day of our appointment we couldn't find the place because it is tucked away behind Kathy's home. The building is nothing extravagant, just a little house built behind a normal house, sounds silly right? We were welcomed with the happiest of hellos and they took care of us our entire time tasting. They offered water and coffee, and we were served with a plate full of flavors!

We tried everything. The wonderful women at Kathy and Co also provide homemade frostings, so we had our fair share of those with each of the cake flavors, too. Our favorite was the strawberry & white chocolate swirl with strawberry icing. For those of you coming to our wedding, you're in for a real treat - our cake has over 5 flavors, but I'll keep those a secret!

I loved every moment, and I loved every bite!

And so did he :)

I'm jumping around here, but I have a few weeks to catch up on!

July is our official "Crossfitiversary," which I will be posting all of my own personal improvements. I'm pretty excited about that post! However, I thought it was appropriate to brag on the wonderful people at our Crossfit gym. Since day one, we were welcomed by some of the sweetest and most encouraging people. We have made great friends during our 9 months at Crossfit Proverb. We've been spending more and more time there, and our friendships have grown!

I've made my way to two competitions to watch Braden compete. When it comes to building relationships, Crossfit competitions are a perfect way to get to know those at your gym. You spend a day watching your friends do work on some tough workouts, and you get to fellowship with all of those who are there to spectate.

I would say it's not all fun and games.. but it is!

I look forward to going to workout every day. The days I don't make it I feel like I've missed out on all of the fun. Crossfit builds such great relationships because you're surviving through tough workouts with everyone around you, you've accomplished something, and you've done it alongside others who were right there with you the whole way. You can usually hear someone say "this sucks" during a workout, and as soon as it's over "holy cow that was an awesome workout!" Isn't it funny how that works?

When we do silly things such as supermans, which I like to call penguins, it turns into a laughing matter. I mean come on, how ridiculous do we all look?!

We also spend time together outside of the gym. Braden, Alex and I have made some wonderful friendships that have extended past our daily workouts together. Our wonderful gym owners and trainers have become some of our great friends, and we've found ourselves spending more and more time with them. I don't think that this comes as a surprise in any circumstance that puts Jesus in the center. Crossfit Proverb is built on a foundation of Christ, and it shines through the way our trainers treat their members. 

There are occasionally some perks involved.. like free smoothies for CFP members :)

I'm looking forward to the upcoming summer months. I will be spending a good amount of my time at CFP, and I am sure that I will be spending even more time with the wonderful people who train there. We have an upcoming lake day on May 4th and I'm already pumped!

I mention Crossfit a lot, but that's because it has become something I enjoy and love. I wouldn't advocate something if I truly didn't believe in it. My fitness capacity has changed exponentially, you'll see that when I write about my successes in my Crossfitiversary. I think everyone should give it a try, especially if you find a gym that is built on a foundation of the Lord. If you're growing spiritually, you're also growing physically. 

That's all for now!

"For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come."
- 1 Timothy 4:8

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